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Shipping & Return

Lexunder Inc, Legal Terms and Conditions of Sale.

Any claim by the Buyer concerning the received goods must be provided to Lexunder Inc in writing within five days after the goods are delivered.

Lexunder Inc has a right to send an Independent Inspector to examine the product. In case of a claim is confirmed, Lexunder Inc shall accept a return of the goods and issue a refund.

Any returns of the product must be in the original received packaging. No refunds can be made for the product that was used by the Buyer.

The Buyer shall be responsible for delivering returned goods to the seller’s premises, assuming the responsibility for any storage and shipping costs.

In case of unexpected extra charges from Freight Company all costs should be covered by the Buyer (all the documents will be provided by Lexunder Inc)

Lexunder Inc uses 3rd party freight service, so ETA for delivery provided by Lexunder Inc is not guaranteed delivery time, so Lexunder Inc is not responsible for the Freight company’s delays with delivery.